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When you’re serious about understanding the ins and outs of learning to fly, we’ve got the perfect solution for you…

Our complete Pilot Training Courses are second to none. You'll save time, money, and be totally prepared for your FAA Written Test and FAA Checkride.   Our courses will make you a better, safer, more confident pilot.

The moment you begin an MS Aviation flight training course, you'll discover what makes it better. Rather than just reading and memorizing, you watch, listen and learn, followed by interactive review to insure your understanding.

  • ONLINE / Desktop
  • MOBILE / iPhone, iPod Touch
  • TABLET / iPad

Choose one way to work -- or use all three.
It’s up to you.

You'll watch fully narrated and engaging pilot training lessons using custom animations to make learning fun and interesting.  Along the way you take learning quizzes to ensure your progress, and guide you with corrections.  You can share your successes with built in Facebook, Twitter and email posts.  Add comments to the content anytime you want and refer back to them easily.

For the ultimate in flexibility, you can perform your pilot training activities from your laptop, desktop, on your smart phone or on your iPad.  Your content goes with you on all devices, and it’s smart enough to know where you left off -even when switching between devices.

Don’t have a Smartphone or tablet?  No problem!  You get the same interactive, up to the minute lessons complete with quizzes and social sharing all online from a desktop or laptop from a web browser.

Our content is updated automatically, so you’ll never see old material or old test questions.  We keep everything updated automatically on all devices.

All of our courses include the full content of the latest FAA publications and resources built right in, so you always have the right publication when you need it. No searching for the right book, or purchasing extra materials.

Don’t worry; you won’t need to read that included mountain of books cover to cover.  We’ve integrated the content from all of the FAA Handbooks right into the course materials.  Book references in the course will automatically open the correct publication to the correct page whenever they are needed.  You just watch a presentation, read what is presented to you and take the interactive review-quiz to make sure you “Got it”.

Our review-quiz system is interactive and will ensure that you know the material. If you miss a question, you are directed to an explanation, as well as related FAA reference for further explanation, or you can choose “review” and go back to the point in the presentation where that topic was discussed.  It's a great learning experience.

All MS Aviation pilot training courses share the following:

  • Online, mobile, tablet or all three (work the way you want to work and when)
  • Complete FAA publications reference library (up to the minute current publications)
  • Quality, well presented lessons with custom animations (Interesting and fun to watch and learn)
  • Custom quiz engine that helps you learn (These quizzes make sure you know the content)

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Finally a product that really teaches you what you need to know without skimping and with great animations!!

~Scanavia Air Academy Student

I like the structure of the course and that the lessons are the perfect size for me. I really like how the animations make understanding the airplanes systems so much easier than just reading.

~Aerodynamic Aviation - Aviation Student

I had a choice of who's ground training course to buy. After looking at the rest of them it was apparent that they were just memorization exercises. How could a company claim to teach you everything you need to know about aviation in a weekend? Your product delivered exactly what I needed. A solid way to go from newbie to Pilot and I really understand how things work and work together. There is no way a weekend would be enough time unless you just wanted to pass a test based upon memorizing things. When I'm in the air solo I want to know that I really know this stuff. If something happens unexpected I didn't want to rely on some weekend crash course that I probably already forgot. Thanks for the course!

~Student from Washington State

I would like to thank you personally for devising such a great course delivered in a format that is first class. 

As you point out on your website - there is no "fluff"! All of the information is the stuff I am using in the real world in my flying lessons each day! I have checked out the other courses and I much prefer the no nonsense, clear way in which you present the subject matter. I really don’t need to see constant videos of people flying around - I am doing enough of that myself with my instructor. What I do need is the materials delivered in a format that is easy to digest and taught in a way that I retain the information - your course does that and so much more! Thank you! As a mac user I had been frustrated in the way other courses where only formatted for windows PC's - I had considered contacting other schools to ask them to put their materials into a different format, thankfully you have already done so and I cannot see anyone coming close to finding a better formula in a easy to use interface that is extremely easy to navigate around and control as I need to. You could easily ask the same price as any of the other courses that are out there and you would still be my first choice. I would advocate to any pilot who needs to absorb the subject matter, not only to pass a test - but to have a solid foundation which you will retain and use for your whole career! I am telling everyone at my flight school about your courses - If they can help me they certainly can help others who are on the same path as me too!

~Paul Roberts 

Hi! I live in Canada, and purchased your Private Pilot Course (AWESOME!!!) and got my license last year. I decided to buy the software for the Instrument Rating course.... it's awesome too! Now, one of the requirements for getting my commercial license is to go over 300 nm, which I did yesterday (left 81 degree beach in Florida to come back to freezing winter). So, I just need your commercial course to do my finish all of my exams...

~Donna Stockwell
  Ontario, Canada

I rely on your course to cover the ground training in a comprehensive way for my students. I have them print there test scores and I find they are doing very well. What a great Product

~ Gabe Soma - Flight Instructor